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About Me

I have been working with technology since I was born, both my parents were engineers at Telecom Australia (Now Telstra) so I have inherited their love for all things tech.

While working in IT I love to expand my skills by learning about new technologies and trying out new hardware and software. I mainly taught myself by tinkering and seeing how things work, which is why I love a hands-on approach to IT instead of a purely theory based approach.

The best approach to learning is not theory alone, but practical hands-on, being able to see progress, see failure in real-life situations or even simulations, is the best way of boosting growth and accomodating improvement, something that a pure theory based approach cannot achieve, as they say “Stop standing around talking about something, just start doing it!”. While this may not apply in every situation, a sizeable portion of day-to-day working life should be dedicated to practical learning, troubleshooting and otherwise.

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